Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year.

Since this is my first post of the new year....HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Chirstmas was wonderful! Santa Claus was very good to all of us. I was determined to have a much better holiday season for 2008 then it was in 2007 and I was successful! I was surrounded by family, my sweet sweet boy Dylan and my wonderful boyfriend Bill. I did miss my Dad and grandparents very much, but I know they were looking down on us smiling. I think about them every day, but during the holidays it s especially hard.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Christmas is getting here way too fast! I started a litle bit of shopping, but I still have a lot to go. I'm never prepared. LOL We finally got the tree up so it's starting to feel like Christmas. I told myself I am determined to have a better Christmas this year than I had last year! Between my siblings we drew names for Christmas this year. There are so many of us that we decided to save money this year. This is the first time we've done that so we will se how it goes.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bittersweet day.

I call today bittersweet because it was one year ago today that my Grandpa passed away and one year ago that I had my first date with Bill. Hard to believe that a whole year has went by already! Then Friday is a year that my Dad has been gone. Crazy!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Here's Dylan on Halloween. The mighty blue power ranger. LOL Trick or treating was king of a let down this year. Hardly anybody was handing out candy! One house would be at one end of a street and then another one would be at the opposite end of the street. Dylan got tired if walking after about four blocks. I don't blame him. Plus there were hardly any kids around anyhow. I remember having to wait in line to get to the porch of a house. How crazy things are now!

Monday, October 06, 2008

So proud!

Yes, I've been slacking in writing here. So lets rewind to two weeks ago. We were camping. I took Dylan's bike with us. Well, the training wheels on both sides were about to fall off the bike. Dylan insisted he needed them and not to take them off. Well, at the campground one finally fell off. He said he would just ride the bike with one. I told him no way. That he could really get hurt that way. I told him if he wanted to ride the bike then we needed to take the other one off so he could ride lke a big boy. After having a huge fit he agreed. So once we got home we went in the backyard on the grass to test it out. He rode the bike alone immediately!!! A couple runs up and down and he was saying lets go in the front on the sidewalk. So we did. He never fell off the bike once!!!! It was so awesome to see my boy ride without the training wheels. Then tonight after I picked him up from school he asked me...Mom do you know the vowels? I said do you? And he preceded to tell me he vowels. He is so smart!!!! LOL Yes, I am a little partial.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The weekend.

The weekend started off really good. Watched a movie Friday night. Went shopping for Dylan's Halloween costume Saturday. He decided on the blue Power Ranger this year. It was a toss up between that, the red Power Ranger or Bumble Bee from Transformers. It took forever to get his decision of course. LOL We had to get it kind of early because the Halloween camping weekend that we go to every year is in two weeks. So we were happy to get one before they were picked through. We tried to get one last weekend but Walmart didn't even have them out yet. We watched Michigan State kick butt, but had to watch University of Michigan lose. Sad state of affairs if I do say so myself. spirits were GREATLY lifted when we watched Ohio State get pummeled!!! That really made my day! Sunday on the other hand wasn't so great. We had breakfast and then I was washing the dishes. All of a sudden I started coughing and was getting really congested. When I was breathing in I was wheezing really bad almost gasping for air. It was super humid from all the rain we were getting so I decided to go out to the car to sit in the air conditioning to see if that might help. It didn't. At this point I was starting to get scared! So I went in the house and said I needed to go to the doctor. So I wound up in the emergency room. Got there at 1:30 in the afternoon and left at 2 am. Talk about a long time!!! On the way to the hospital I took a couple Benedryl. That helped a little, but I was still breathing hard. But as I sat waiting to be seen the breathing got much better and I was ready to just leave. But they wanted to take a chest X-Ray and check my blood. Took forever to even get one vial of blood out of my arm. LOL I inherited veins like my Dad had. Very deep. The nurse had to wind up taking it out of the top of my hand. So they got the blood work back and some level of something was high, which indicated I may have a blood clot on my lung since I was having the breathing trouble. So they wanted to do a CT Scan to rule that out. Another two hours and I had that done. Another invasion on my arm because they had to put an IV in. OMG!!! Thank God there was no blood clot. So who the heck knows what I was allergic to. So basically I wasted all that time for nothing! Come to find out everything was taking double the time because the computers were down in the hospital and the other area hospital was closed down for some reason. What a day that was. Needless to say I didn't go to work today. Took a vacation day. I just wish I knew what caused such a reaction so I know not to do whatever I did again!!! It was sooooo scary. Dylan was a trooper through this whole thing too! He was there the whole time. Well, I am off to bed. Ta Ta!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where did Thursday go?

Man, today just flew by!!! Before I knew it, it was time for lunch already!! We were pretty steady at work, but not SUPER busy or anything. No, I'm NOT complaining! LOL Once I got home I still had quite a bit of energy, so I went through about 4 laundry baskets full of stuff that has been sitting in the basement since I moved to my Mom's house. Mostly clothes that I didn't need. I found a couple pairs of Dylan's pants just in time for Fall. Made a pretty good sized pile to go to Goodwill. I have quite a few clothes that don't fit anymore since I lost weight over the past year. Plus I got all of the regular laundry done this evening too. A very productive day if I do say so myself!!!